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Thomas Hickey suffers cut after taking skate to the face

Thomas Hickey was attempting to make a play in the neutral zone when he suffered a cut near the mouth after he was struck by the skate blade of Toronto's Mike Santorelli.

There was a terrifying moment for New York Islanders defenseman Thomas Hickey early in the third period on Tuesday night. Hickey was struck in the face by the skate blade of Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mike Santorelli, forcing him to leave the game with a significant cut.

Hickey, who had lost his stick on the play, was attempting to disrupt Santorelli as he carried the puck through the neutral zone and fell to the ice. During his fall, Santorelli's right skate blade caught Hickey near the mouth. The Islanders' defenseman raced off the ice and was immediately ushered off to the locker room.

He did not return to the game.