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Chris Kunitz penalized for incredible dive against Flyers

Chris Kunitz wanted everybody to know that Nick Schultz hooked him. But you can't make it this obvious.

kunitz 1

The NHL has implemented some new rules this season in an attempt to cut down on players embellishing plays in an effort to draw a penalty and will be handing out warnings and fines.

Late in the second period of their game against Philadelphia on Wednesday night, Penguins forward Chris Kunitz might have earned himself a warning from the league for this epic fall in front of the net.

Nick Schultz was sent off for hooking, while Kunitz earned a two-minute minor for embellishment. And that's fair all around. There was definitely a hook by Schultz, but it was around the hand. Not sure how that turns into Kunitz somehow ending up with his skates facing the roof of the building.

Here's another angle.

kunitz 2