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Trainwreck Oilers possession somehow produces beautiful goal

The Oilers are bad, even when they're good.

The Edmonton Oilers are the laughing stock of the NHL. I hate to be blunt, but there's no getting around it: They make people laugh because it's the only thing they can do not to cry.

And they were especially funny during their power play at the end of the second period.

Nikita Nikitin started out with the puck behind the Oilers goal and began a standard breakout:


Which resulted in Leon Draisaitl and Teddy Purcell running into one another:


And continued with Nail Yakupov enigmatically throwing the puck away:


Which led to Purcell falling down:


And ultimately resulted in ...


...A beautiful passing play that gave the Oilers the lead?

Well. That was unexpected. A comedy of errors ultimately working out in the end ... hopefully we'll be able to say the same about the Oilers someday.

Edmonton leads Washington with a little over 10 minutes remaining in the third, 3-2.