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Nick Foligno stretchered off ice after collision with linesman

An innocent play became scary incredibly quickly.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

A scary situtation unfolded in Los Angeles on Sunday when Columbus Blue Jackets forward Nick Foligno was carried off the ice on a stretcher after colliding with a linesman.

Foligno was skating along the benches midway through the third period when a Los Angeles Kings defenseman shoved him up against the wall. What looked like a rather innocent play turned dangerous when a linesman couldn't get out of the way before Foligno's head collided with his hip. Foligno immediately fell to the ice and lay motionless for a few moments.


Foligno did show motion in his arms and head briefly after the incident, but trainers from both teams wisely brought out the stretcher and took time to position him safely before carrying him away as he gave a thumbs up to the crowd.

The Blue Jackets released some relieving news minutes after Foligno left the ice.