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Line brawl erupts in Anaheim as John Scott goes after Ducks

The game featured 165 penalty minutes and lots of vicious uppercuts.

It's a donnybrook in Anaheim.

After simmering all game long, the frustrations between the San Jose Sharks and Anaheim Ducks finally boiled over into a full line brawl in the third period. It all started when Tim Jackman and Marc-Edouard Vlasic went after each other in the neutral zone midway through the frame. The referees, as they have all night long, immediately stepped in and tried to break things up.

They were successful until Joe Pavelski began fighting Ben Lovejoy. It did not end well for the Sharks' goal scorer.

Hey Joe, you don't have to fight. This why the Sharks got John Scott. (More on him later.)

Even after the dust settled and players from both sides were hustled to the penalty box, players from both sides could be seen jawing at each other from the benches. The primary trash talker was noted pugilist John Scott.

He had to wait a few minutes, but when he finally got on the ice, Scott took full advantage by tackling Tim Jackman.

Scott leaves the bench

Although it appeared to be a legitimate line change, Scott did earn an instigator penalty and an ejection. What did he instigate, you ask?

Oh, just a line brawl.

line brawl starts

Even goalie Frederik Andersen wanted to get in on the action!

goalie tries to fight

Later on in the period, James Sheppard and Ryan Getzlaf went after it after spending the previous five minutes yapping at each other from the benches.

By the end of the night, the Ducks bench looked pretty empty.

On the other hand, the third period penalty summary looked incredibly busy as the Ducks and Sharks combined for 165 penalty minutes.

Can we have another Sharks-Ducks playoff series this spring? Please?

(H/T @MyRegularFace)