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Sidney Crosby loves Penguins' new third jerseys, but hated those blue ones

Sidney Crosby loves the Penguins' new third jerseys, which is obvious because they are probably the best third jerseys in the league. But the ones they've worn in the past ... yeah, Sid feels a little differently.

Sidney Crosby is happy that the Pittsburgh Penguins have beautiful new third jerseys because it means he will never have to wear those awful bad luck blue jerseys ever again.

Crosby was the logical choice to model the Penguins' new sweater, which is a tribute to the jerseys from the club's glory years in the early '90s. The Penguins released behind-the-scenes footage from a promotional shoot for the sweaters on Monday morning:

Crosby expressed how much the team liked the new jerseys and how he didn't like wearing their old third jerseys:

"The other ones we had ... I wasn't too eager to wear those. Wasn't great a couple times I wore those. Had a couple tough games. So, I was looking to turn the page on those pretty quick."

Sidney Crosby is very superstitious, and for good reason. Here are two instances where the Penguins wore their third jerseys and Crosby had a "tough game":

-- Jan. 1, 2011, against the Washington Capitals when Crosby sustained a serious concussion that kept him out for essentially a full year:

-- March 30, 2013, when Crosby got hit in the face with a shot against the New York Islanders and broke his jaw:


The Penguins debuted their new jerseys this past Wednesday against the Philadelphia Flyers and looked awesome (the jerseys that is; the Penguins ended up losing the game).

On the plus side, Crosby didn't get hurt!

Considering that the new jersey looks great and that their best player didn't get brutally injured while wearing them, the Penguins will hopefully consider keeping them around for a while.

sick, huh

Yes, Sid. Yes, it is.