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Gordie Howe suffers 'serious stroke,' is resting with family in Texas

One of the greatest hockey players to ever live, Gordie Howe, has suffered a serious stroke. He's 86 years old.

Bruce Bennett

Gordie Howe, the man aptly nicknamed Mr. Hockey, is resting after suffering a severe stroke that's left him without some function on one side of his body, the Detroit News reported Tuesday evening. Gordie's son, Dr. Murray Howe, broke the news to the media after the event took place Sunday. Via the report:

"Basically, sometime in the early morning on Sunday he suffered a pretty bad stroke," said Dr. Howe, who heads the department of radiology at Toledo Hospital.

"The right side of his body is very, very weak. He's unable to stand without help. He's able to speak, but very, very difficult to speak.

"He knows who he is. He knows the people around him. But it is very difficult for him to get up and walk around. So he is pretty much confined to his bed right now. So we're just trying to keep him comfortable, and that's our goal."

Howe is one of the best players to ever lace up the skates. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame way back in 1972 after playing 25 seasons with the Detroit Red Wings, before jumping to play six seasons in the WHA in 1973.

He played one final NHL season in 1979-80 after the New England Whalers were absorbed into the NHL. He came out of retirement to play for the IHL's Detroit Vipers in 1997, making him the only player to ever play the game professionally in six different decades.

Howe is a four-time Stanley Cup champion, all with the Wings, a six-time Hart Trophy winner and a 23-time NHL All-Star.

The Howe family released statement on Wednesday and included information where fans can send well wishes: