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See the front runner for worst penalty call of the NHL season

Starring Red Wings forward Luke Glendening as the "I Didn't Do It" boy.

Being a referee in the NHL is difficult. It's hard to see every infraction that might happen on the ice, but it's even harder when when your eyes deceive you.

Capitals goalie Braden Holtby tumbled to the Verizon Center ice after he beat Red Wings forward Luke Glendening to a loose puck. With Holtby down, Drew Miller fired the puck into the open net for what he thought was the first goal of the game. Referee Mike Leggo waved it off immediately and called a penalty on Glendening for goaltender interference.

The problem here? Glendening never touched Holtby and the Caps goalie hit the ice because jumped up and grabbed him. Fortunately for the Red Wings, the Capitals didn't score on the power play and officials made up for it just over two minutes later with a penalty to Andre Burakovsky.