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Senators general manager Bryan Murray battling serious cancer

He has Stage 4 colon cancer and says not getting a colonoscopy was his greatest mistake.

Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images

Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray announced in July he was fighting cancer. On Thursday night, we found out just how hard his fight is.

Murray has Stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to his liver and lungs, he shared in a video on TSN with Michael Farber.

"There is no cure at this point for me," Murray said. "The word is that we'll keep doing chemo and hopefully reduce the tumors and the effect and I'll get some time out of that."

Murray, 71, found out he had cancer for anywhere from seven to 10 years before he was diagnosed and that's what allowed it to progress into Stage 4 and move into other parts of his body. Worst of all, this kind of cancer was preventable.

"I didn't have a colonoscopy which I should've had," Murray admitted. "I don't know why I didn't. One of the comments that came back to me on a regular basis, 'You're healthy, you're from a family that hasn't had any disease whatsoever. We can maybe wait.' But that's also my fault in that I should've demanded or at least asked for. But like a lot of men do, we put it off."

"A simple colonoscopy in my case probably would've solved the problem I have."

Murray has kept away from his daily job in Ottawa to continue his treatment for cancer. He's hoping the treatments can keep him going.

"Let's go to extra overtime and keep playing like the game we played against the Islanders many years ago and we went to four overtime periods," Murray said. "Let's just keep it going as long as we can, be as healthy as we can for that time, and enjoy what we have as we do it."