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Dan Girardi injured after taking hit from Evgeni Malkin

Malkin's hit was clean but Girardi still got rocked.


Evgeni Malkin played like a man on a mission against the New York Rangers all night, and it seems like his hard play cost New York one of their best defensemen.

Dan Girardi was trying to play the puck behind his own net in the third period when Malkin came out of nowhere and rocked him with a hit. Girardi remained on the ice for a few minutes before walking to the locker room under his own power. Malkin received a roughing minor for participating in a scrum after the hit.

Here's another look at the hit in question. It doesn't look like Malkin aimed for the head with his shoulder, and the league will probably agree with the referees that the hit was clean.

The Rangers really can't afford a long-term injury to Girardi since captain Ryan McDonagh's injury has already left their blue-line thin.