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NHL scores: Penguins stun Rangers with shootout win, Sabres trounce Maple Leafs

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Saturday featured experiences many fans were unfamiliar with.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

If you happened to tune in to an NHL game on Saturday you were treated with two outcomes no matter which game you chose: blowout win or thrilling finish. There wasn't really any in-betweens.

But let's be honest: would we have it any other way?

After all, the bizarre finish in Pittsburgh was the perfect ending to one of the best games of the season. It's not often that diehard hockey fans watch something unfold that they haven't seen before. But witnessing the Rangers leave the ice with smiles on their faces only to exit again minutes later shaking their heads was pretty amazing.

And the joy shown by the Penguins was unique as well. Sure, teams get excited after wins. But how often do teams experience the joy of winning minutes after you've experienced the pain of losing an emotional game? Not often. No matter which way you sliced it, the outcome was quite the spectacle.

On the other end of the spectrum, the mixture of frustration and joy shown in Buffalo was pretty special too. The Sabres haven't put together a win like that in quite some time, and watching puck-luck bounce their way for once was interesting. Meanwhile, the reaction from Phil Kessel in the Leafs' locker room was just the cherry on top of a unique evening of hockey.

All the NHL Scores

Bruins 2, Hurricanes 1

Wild 2, Stars 1

Kings 3, Ducks 2 (OT)

Sabres 6, Leafs 2

Canadiens 6, Flyers 3

Lightning 5, Islanders 2

Avalanche 3, Devils 2

Rangers 3, Penguins 2 (SO)

Penguins 3, Rangers 2 (SO)

Blue Jackets 2, Sharks 1

Predators 2, Jets 1

Blues 4, Capitals 1

Flames 4, Senators 2

Three things we learned

1. The Maple Leafs hit rock bottom while the Sabres hit a season high. It's hard to believe, but the Sabres hadn't won in regulation at home this season before Saturday. But Buffalo is apparently Toronto's Kryptonite, having gone 14-1-1 in its past 16 games against the Leafs. The narrative continued in earnest on Saturday, with Toronto collapsing in every way imaginable. This broken play pretty much sums up the whole evening for the Leafs.

2. Evgeni Malkin got fired up to play the Rangers. The Penguins' center was a force to be reckoned with all night at both ends of the ice, involved in seemingly every noteworthy play. He set up Blake Comeau's opening goal. He speared Carl Hagelin. He scored the game-tying goal. And he knocked Dan Girardi out of the game for a whole period.


I want whatever Evgeni Malkin had before the game.

3. Okay, Peter DeBoer: can Cory Schneider get a break now? The Devils' starting netminder started his 19th-straight game on Saturday, and for the most part he played well. Schneider's recent form has been excellent with just one goal allowed in back-to-back wins. But then he gave up this goal to Erik Johnson to tie the game and send the Avs to a 3-2 win.

It certainly didn't diminish what was otherwise a good start, but it's the kind of mistake Schneider has made more frequently as his start streak increases. Maybe it's time to give the guy a rest.

Impact Moment

The rarest of endings occurred on Saturday when the New York Rangers had to come back from celebrating in the locker room to eventually lose in a shootout. Sound bizarre? Well, it was. The Rangers thought they had the game won when Dan Boyle scored in the shootout on Marc-Andre Fleury. But as they filed off to the locker room, the referees reviewed and overturned the goal, allowing Pittsburgh to win as the shootout resumed.

Stat of the Night

I can't decide if that's more embarrassing for the Leafs or the Sabres.

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