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Gordie Howe's health 'heading in the wrong direction'

Gordie Howe has unfortunately taken a turn for the worse, according to his son, Mark Howe.

Hockey legend Gordie Howe has taken a turn for the worse, according to The Hockey News. In speaking with Howe's son, Mark Howe, The Hockey News has learned Gordie Howe's health has declined over the last 10 days.

Having suffered a stroke in October, Howe was believed to be improving, but has since had new health issues arise that have complicated his situation. Mark Howe explained his father is "having a really difficult time" and sent an email out to family and friends informing them it might be time to consider hospice care.

Howe is suffering from debilitating back pain that can't be treated because of his immobility. There's a plan in place to administer an epidural, but it will require him to discontinue medication that helps with his anxiety and high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, his back pain has also led to a rise in his blood pressure, which Mark said is reaching "scary numbers", via The Hockey News:

"Things are definitely headed in the wrong direction," Mark said.

"We're definitely at a Catch-22 area right now," Mark said. "And when you put it all together, it's not the rosy picture we had two weeks ago, without a doubt."

The Howe family is still hopeful a recovery might be possible and Mark expressed he still senses fight in his father.