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NHL GM meetings: League abandons overtime dry scrape, expands goal review

The NHL considers the dry scrape a "buzzkill."

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL made two rule changes on Tuesday that will have most fans cheering and one fanbase wondering where the change was six months ago.

In the offseason, a new rule was put in place that made Zambonis scrape the ice surface without laying water down before a regular season overtime period. The thought was the dry scrape would lead to better overtime hockey, more goals and less shootouts.

Instead, the dry scrape made everyone wait almost 10 minutes after regulation for the game to resume, and it didn't do much to deter games from going to shootouts. So the NHL's GMs officially scrapped the dry scrape during their November meetings on Tuesday, with Colin Campbell calling it a "buzzkill." Shovel crews will be back to work in overtime for good on Saturday.

The GMs also considered expanded reviews for goalie interference calls on goals after reportedly determining that three goals in the playoffs last season would've been overturned. Those goals were, uh, kind of important.

The final rule change will actually be in effect starting Tuesday night. According to Darren Dreger, the league will sound a buzzer in the arena if they believe a goal has been scored that the officials did not see. It's an added layer of oversight that should help get calls right.