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NHL schedule 2014: Rangers take on captain-less Flyers in New York

Elsewhere, the Oilers try to get their first win against Vancouver.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

It's Wednesday, so make sure you beat the traffic in time for the NHL's light schedule of rivalries. (Unless you're on the East Coast, in which case, please drive safely. There's a lot of snow outside.)

Only two games are on tap for Wednesday. The NHL schedule kicks off with the Philadelphia Flyers taking on the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden at 8 p.m. ET. The game was supposed to be a marquee matchup between two of the NHL's best point producers, Claude Giroux and Rick Nash. But since Giroux will miss the game with a lower-body injury, the Flyers will have to make do with Jakub Voracek. (Which isn't that bad.)

The only other game of the night is in Edmonton, where the Oilers will host the Vancouver Canucks at 8 p.m. ET at Rexall Place. Vancouver has dominated the season series thus far, taking all three games against the Oilers.



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