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Flyers GM Ron Hextall rips team after loss to Rangers

When the boss ain't happy, everyone hears about it.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Flyers' 2-0 loss to the New York Rangers on Wednesday was a meek one. They put up 31 shots on goal but were down to the Rangers early on and didn't put a lot of effort into getting back into it.

That much wasn't missed by Flyers GM Ron Hextall.

Hextall reportedly met with the team after the game and tore them apart for their lack of performance.

That's going to get everyone's attention in and out of the room. Hextall, however, played it coy when he met with reporters later.

That's fun.

People are going to get mad about Hextall denying ripping the team, but the point was made expressly clear he wasn't happy with the team or the performance whether he admits it or not. After a game like that and coming up small in front of a national audience, sometimes hearing from the boss can do a world of good.