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Jonas Hiller wipes out while trying to play the puck

We're not sure what happened, but it sure was hilarious.

Are we about to overanalyze this play? Yes, we are.

  1. Why was Hiller trying to shuffle his way to the puck? You're on ice and wearing blades on your feet, Jonas. You will fall.
  2. The puck was traveling pretty fast, so even if Hiller caught up with it he'd be playing it illegally in the corner.
  3. He'd probably have a better chance of touching the puck if he threw his stick at it.
  4. The little half-hearted, desperate swing at the puck while he was sliding on his butt was just adorable.

We hope Hiller realizes his contribution to hockey comedy and leaves the net every time the puck is playable.

(H/T @myregularface)