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Braydon Coburn wants to kill Steve Mason

Does Mason owe Coburn money?

Braydon Coburn wants to kill his goaltender, Steve Mason. It's unclear why Coburn wants to kill his own goaltender, but he keeps trying to do it for some reason and appears to be really motivated to get the job done.

Exhibit A: This was Coburn's assassination attempt on Saturday night when the Flyers were playing the Blue Jackets.

(Coburn was the one who turned the puck over to start the odd-man rush, by the way.)

Exhibit B: This was Coburn's attempt on Wednesday night when the Flyers played the Rangers.


While it's clear that Coburn has a burning desire to exterminate Mason, it's unclear why. Maybe it's because Coburn isn't featured as a zombie on Mason's goalie mask or maybe he owes him some money.

Or he just hates Mason.