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Lights go out in Detroit, delay game between Canucks and Red Wings

The Canucks and Red Wings were supposed to play hockey but then the lights went out.

The Detroit Red Wings and Vancouver Canucks barely got to play 30 seconds of hockey before their game was delayed for 30 minutes.

A power surge knocked out the lights at Joe Louis Arena and left a large portion of the arena in darkness:

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The announcers on the Fox Sports Detroit broadcast stated that it's an unseasonably warm day in Detroit, but the weather is not believed to be the reason for the outage.

While the ice surface still had some lighting, the referees would not allow the game to continue until full power was restored. The game ultimately resumed at 2:45 ET, 30 minutes after the lights initially went out. The cause of the outage has still not been announced.

Mike Babcock was indifferent to the delay.