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Blackhawks unveil jersey for 2015 Winter Classic

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The Blackhawks will be wearing white on New Year's Day.

The Chicago Blackhawks unveiled their jersey for the Winter Classic on Wednesday afternoon. Initially teased through a Twitter campaign, the team officially introduced the jersey it will wear against the Washington Capitals on Jan. 1:

Blackhawks toews

Photo credit: Chicago Blackhawks

The jersey is inspired by the Blackhawks' jersey from the mid-1950s. The number and name plates feature a thinner font and the secondary logo appears lower on the sleeves.

The Blackhawks' decision to go with a white jersey is in contrast to their two previous appearances in outdoor games, where the club sported a black sweater.

Chicago wore a black throwback inspired design during the 2009 Winter Classic against the Detroit Red Wings at Wrigley Field and then wore a black variation of its regular jersey against the Pittsburgh Penguins in a Stadium Series game last season.

Stadium Series

Blackhawks stadium series jersey/Photo credit: Brian Kersey, Getty Images

The white will offset the Capitals' jerseys, which are predominantly red with accents of white and blue.


Photo courtesy of Monumental Network