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Lightning rookie makes Brandon Bollig look bad

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Cedric Paquette's first NHL goal was made possible thanks to the Flames forward not exactly going all out to stop him.

Things couldn't have gone better for Tampa Bay Lightning rookie Cedric Paquette to score his first goal. Playing in just his seventh career game, Paquette drove around and through the Calgary Flames defense and beat Jonas Hiller. In Hiller's defense, he didn't exactly get a lot of help from Brandon Bollig or Raphael Diaz.

That's Bollig giving up the route to the front of the net and politely shadowing Paquette as he cuts in front of Hiller and slips the puck past him. It's Diaz watching in horror as he sees the guy he thought had things under control clearly not.

Just take another look at this:

That might be one video session Bollig and Diaz will want to miss out on tomorrow.

(GIFs courtesy: @myregularface)