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Steven Stamkos is both lucky and good

When you've got a shot as hard and accurate as Stamkos, sometimes your eyes can be fooled.

Steven Stamkos is a master of the dark arts.

How else can you explain his ability to score goals that fool the naked eye into believing he didn't actually score?

Such was the case early in the second period against the Detroit Red Wings when he unleashed a slap shot from the top of the zone that glanced off the post and off the center bar in the back of the net. behind Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard.

The official along the goal line originally ruled it was not a goal, but after the play was reviewed in Toronto, replay showed the puck did go across the red line rather easily and gave the Lightning a 2-1 lead at the time.

We've gotten so used to seeing Stamkos unleash hell from the faceoff circles that seeing him blow one by a goalie head on is almost startling. Stamkos has two goals through two periods and has 10 this season.

(GIF courtesy: @myregularface)