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This pass made the Lightning lose all motor function

They were all really confused by what was going to happen.

Derick Brassard is a professional hockey player and not a professional magician. But he could be a magician given how masterfully he used the art of misdirection to fake out basically every member of the Tampa Bay Lightning on the easiest goal Jesper Fast has probably ever scored ever:


Maybe he is a professional magician, I don't know. I don't wanna close any doors for him because he might have a second career hiding right behind his ear never mind it's a quarter.

But, besides the AMAZING DERICK, the story here might be the Lightning losing basically all motor function:

* That's Matt Carle who can't stand up.

* Radko Gudas who screened Ben Bishop, the one flopping around like a fish.

* Alex Killorn who, well, he just looks funny. He really didn't do anything wrong.

* And then there's Ryan Callahan, who is doing his best impression of a guy playing NHL 15 whose controller just got unplugged.

Good job, good effort all.