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Bobby Ryan scored a goal of the year contender against the Kings

This goal will melt your face off.

There are a few reasons why Bobby Ryan's goal against the Los Angeles Kings on Thursday is the best goal of the season. Let us count the ways.

  1. The Kings are widely considered the best defensive team in hockey. And Bobby Ryan absolutely undressed them.
  2. You could put a little NHL 15 controller indicator above Bobby Ryan's head and no one could tell the difference between real life and video game.
  3. Brayden McNabb still doesn't know if that was a person or a ghost that just blew by him.
  4. Beating Jonathan Quick like that happens maybe once in a lifetime.
  5. The little celebration by Ryan reminds one of Clark Kent ripping open his shirt to become Superman, which is totally appropriate for this situation.

Simply put, this goal may not be beaten this year. Kudos, Bobby Ryan.

(H/T @MyRegularFace)