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Shea Weber injured after falling on Tye McGinn's skate blade

Weber appeared to cut his armpit during the fall.

Nashville Predators captain Shea Weber had to leave the game on Saturday when he fell on an opponent's skate blade.

The incident occurred in the second period when Weber hit San Jose Sharks forward Tye McGinn against the benches. Weber lost his footing while making the hit and fell awkwardly on McGinn's skate. It looked like his armpit area collected most of the impact.

weber cut

Weber left the ice under his own power, but didn't immediately return. When the camera caught a glance at him from the back as he walked into the tunnel, it was clear why.

Yikes. That's a lot of blood. It's easy to forget these guys are flying around with ultra-sharp knives on their shoes. Hopefully Weber only needs a few stitches, because that play didn't look pretty.