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Watch the Senators' pregame ceremony for Daniel Alfredsson's retirement

Standing ovations. Warmup games. Tears. It had just about everything.

Ottawa Senators legend Daniel Alfredsson officially retired on Thursday, but he decided to take one final spin around the ice at the Canadian Tire Centre to say goodbye to his teammates and fans.

Whoever thought of having Alfredsson participate in pregame warmups before the Senators' game against the Islanders should get a raise. It was a fantastic moment, starting with his teammates ushering him onto the ice for the final time.

Alfredsson then participated in line rushes and various warmup games with his teammates, including his favorite warmup tradition: a giant game of keepaway.

At the end, Alfie saluted the fans one more time as the crowd chanted his name to the rafters.


He later came out for that wonderful pregame ceremony at center ice. And just like that, he was gone. But he made sure to tease fans watching at home before he left the ice.

Considering the slightly unceremonious way Alfredsson left the Senators, it was heartwarming to see him go out on such a high note with the team and his fans.