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The puck is Jonathan Quick's weapon of choice

If you mess with Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick, he's going to do something to launch the puck at you.

Attention NHL players: If you do something to Jonathan Quick during a hockey game there is a pretty good chance the puck is going to be sailing your way.

The latest player to find this out was Chicago Blackhawks forward Brandon Saad.

Late in the second period on Monday night, Quick sat on the puck in his goal crease after a scramble in front only to have Saad skate by and give one additional poke at the puck to try and jam it in the net. It just so happened that the poke resulted in Quick taking a stick to the groin area.


Ouch. Quick's response was to pick up the puck with his blocker and throw it at Saad.


Just a couple of weeks ago Quick reacted to a St. Louis Blues player flipping a puck at him after the whistle by firing it into a crowd of players.

Don't mess with him.

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