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Buffalo Sabres president Pat LaFontaine resigns amid 'ugly' front office drama

Tim Murray is now solely in charge in Buffalo.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The futility that is the Buffalo Sabres 2013-14 season has claimed another victim, as Pat LaFontaine resigned as the Sabres' President of Hockey Operations on Saturday after just a few months on the job..

According to the Sabres, LaFontaine will return to work with the NHL.

LaFontaine joined the Sabres' front office on Nov. 13 when the team fired general manager Darcy Regier and head coach Ron Rolston. The former Sabres legend assumed Regier's day-to-day role while the Sabres searched for a new general manager.

Problems apparently arose when Buffalo named Tim Murray general manager in early January. The fact that LaFontaine resigned just days after Murray traded goalie Ryan Miller and captain Steve Ott to the St. Louis Blues is evidently no coincidence.

According to Nick Kypreos of SportsNet, the situation in the Buffalo front office had gotten "ugly" and there was no reconciliation to be had. That's a shame, since LaFontaine spent the last half of his career with the Sabres and the team retired his number in 2006. But his time in the Buffalo front office was much more short-lived, and the Sabres are now Tim Murray's show to run.