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Cody Ceci injured after taking Shea Weber slap shot to head

Shea Weber slap shots are dangerous. Very dangerous.

Other than maybe Zdeno Chara, there probably isn't a player in the NHL that can shoot a puck as hard as Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber.

That's bad news if you happen to get in the way of it, and unfortunately that's happened to Ottawa Senators defenseman Cody Ceci on Monday night. The result was not pretty.

With the Predators on a power play midway through the first period of their game in Ottawa, Weber connected on a one-timer that struck Ceci in the side of the head directly in front of the net.


Ceci immediately dropped to the ice and had a massive cut on the side of his head (which you can see here. Warning: Blood) that appeared to be around his ear.

In 32 games this year the 20-year-old Ceci has scored two goals to go with five assists.