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NHL explains no goal call in Philadelphia

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This is not a goal, and it's not even reviewable.

The Philadelphia Flyers thought they had the tying goal in the final minute of their game against the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday night. The referees on the ice did not see it that way, because in their view the puck only went in the net because Flyers forward Scott Hartnell pushed Devils goalie Martin Brodeur across the goal line when he had the puck.

Here is the play.

Hartnell definitely made contact with Brodeur, but Hartnell was also pushed into him by Devils defenseman Anton Volchenkov. In the end, it didn't matter because the call on the ice was no goal and according to NHL rule the play is not reviewable.

The complete explanation from the league:

At 19:20 of the third period in the New Jersey Devils/Philadelphia Flyers game, the Situation Room initiated a video review because the puck entered the New Jersey net. The referee informed the Situation Room that Philadelphia's Scott Hartnell pushed goaltender Martin Brodeur across the goal line with the puck. According to Rule 78.5 (ix) "Apparent goals shall be disallowed by the Referee when a goaltender has been pushed into the net together with the puck after making a save." This is not a reviewable play therefore the referee's call on the ice stands - no penalty and no goal Philadelphia.

These are the types of plays that are up for discussion when it comes to expanded replay in the league. Endings like that will only make the calls louder.

One person that was not happy about it on Tuesday? Flyers forward Jakub Voracek.