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Ales Hemsky with a contender for goal of the year

Ales Hemsky's production may have fallen off a bit, but he still has some crazy skill.

The Ottawa Senators are probably going to miss the playoffs this season. That is going to make it very easy to overlook the fact that they may have made one of the best moves at the trade deadline by picking up Ales Hemsky from the Edmonton Oilers for a couple of mid-round draft picks.

Plays like this are a big reason why.


That was Radko Gudas trying to defend him, and ... yeah, that's a mismatch.

Since being acquired by the Senators, Hemsky has two goals to go with six assists in seven games. The league seemed to be down on him because his numbers had declined a little in Edmonton over the past couple of years, but he was also getting buried in the lineup in more of a defensive role. And, let's face it, spending that many years in Edmonton probably wears a player down.

Getting him out of there and putting him into a situation where he could utilize his offensive skills (and he has a ton of them) seemed like a good gamble. More teams probably should have been interested.