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Vincent Lecavalier hits all 3 posts on 1 shot

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The puck simply did not want to go in its home for Vincent Lecavalier.

Sometimes the puck bounces your way, sometimes it doesn't.

In the second period against the Los Angeles Kings, with his team trailing 1-0 thanks to a Jeff Carter goal, the puck most certainly did not bounce in Vincent Lecavalier's favor.

Here he is firing a shot from just outside the crease that bounced off of all three posts to stay out of the net. Post. Crossbar. Post.


There is bad luck, and then there is that. He couldn't pull that shot off again if he tried.

Almost everybody in the building, including the guy who operates the goal horn, thought it was in the net even though play continued on for several minutes. It was reviewed at the next stoppage, which only confirmed that the goal posts were trolling Lecavalier and the Flyers.