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Sean Avery calls Martin Brodeur a cheating fatso

The feud between Sean Avery and Martin Brodeur continued this week -- and the new chapter might be the most entertaining yet.

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A reporter asked Martin Brodeur on Thursday about Sean Avery's role on ABC's Dancing With The Stars, the reality show from which Avery was eliminated this week. Marty's response:

"I didn't watch - I don't watch those shows - but I was watching NHL Network and they mentioned it," Brodeur told And his thoughts?

"What more could he do to embarrass himself?" Brodeur said with a chuckle. "There it is!"

Avery responded on Twitter in typical Sean Avery fashion.

He deleted one of these tweets but we have screenshots!

The "Fatso" nickname is not without precedent, of course. Avery called Brodeur that after the Rangers eliminated the Devils from the 2008 playoffs ... and Brodeur refused to shake Avery's hand.

That was the same series in which Avery screened Brodeur by waving his arms and stick in the goalie's face, a tactic that was made illegal the next day by the NHL. We now call it the "Avery Rule."