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Dion Phaneuf taking a faceoff ends poorly for Toronto

Only bad things can happen when a defensemen has to take a faceoff.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Toronto's Dion Phaneuf had played 672 games in the NHL and never had to take a faceoff, mainly because he is a defenseman and defensemen don't usually do that sort of thing.

But with the Maple Leafs shorthanded by two men early in the first period on Friday, center Jay McClement was kicked out of the faceoff circle, forcing one of his teammates to have to step in and take the draw. The problem for Toronto: The only other two players on the ice were Phaneuf and Carl Gunnarsson -- defensemen who had never taken a faceoff in the NHL. That isn't exactly ideal and is pretty much the only situation that would ever force a defenseman to step into that role.

After a brief disagreement as to who should start a new chapter in their career, Phaneuf, the captain, stepped in.

It went about as poorly as it could have gone for the Maple Leafs.


Oh, and that is Philadelphia's new fourth-line center, Vincent Lecavalier, putting that in the net.