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Lightning vs. Sabres: Steven Stamkos scores own goal on empty Lightning net

Maybe teams should think about keeping their goalie in the net.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

At this point in the season it's probably safe to say that if you're struggling to put away the Buffalo Sabres you're having a pretty bad game. Things went from bad to comically worse for the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday.

The Bolts had just climbed out of a two-goal deficit to tie the game when they drew a delayed penalty call on the Sabres. When goalie Ben Bishop left the net for the extra man, something amazing happened.

Yes, the great Steven Stamkos managed to score on his own empty net. This is the second time this has happened this season, but Stamkos gets extra points for essentially scoring from the opposing goal line.

At any rate, Stamkos made up for it by scoring the game winner in overtime to give Tampa Bay a 4-3 win.