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Sidney Crosby gets smacked in face by linesman

Avoiding players is hard enough, but when you have to worry about referees smacking you in the face hockey gets a lot more difficult.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have had to deal with more than their fair share of injuries this season, so the last thing they want to see is their captain and best player, Sidney Crosby, getting slapped across the face by a linesman.

So, naturally, that's exactly what happened in the first period Tuesday night against the Carolina Hurricanes.


The good news for Pittsburgh: Crosby seemed to be OK and recorded an assist on Chris Kunitz's first-period goal, Crosby's 100th point of the season. Crosby is the first (and likely will be the only) player to reach the century mark this season.

(GIF via Mike Darnay of PensBurgh)