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Daniel Carcillo scores, gets flipped off by angry Flyers fans

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Daniel Carcillo had the celebration of the year on Tuesday night.

There was a time several years ago, when he once played for the Flyers, that Philadelphia fans used to cheer on Daniel Carcillo and his hell raising ways.

But when he's playing for the New York Rangers and scoring a playoff goal late in Game 3 to give his new team a 4-1 lead, well, this is what happens.


So many great things are happening here, so let's see if we can list them:

1) Carcillo's "U mad?" expression as he goes in for the ultimate troll job.

2) Giroux jersey guy that is giving the double barreled middle finger action.

3) The rush of people that move in to join him in the trash talking, including the guy that leans in from the right to get in his face.

4) And perhaps the most underrated star of this entire sequence, the guy in the black hat that turns around, looks right at the camera, and flashes a huge smile, almost as if he knows he is a part of something magical.

This is playoff hockey, folks, and it is glorious.

[GIF via @MyRegularFace]