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Paul Stastny slashes Cody McCormick in groin, then starts Colorado rally

The NHL had another cup check moment on Monday night, and this one turned out to be especially painful for the Minnesota Wild.

It's getting to the point where it's going to be news when the NHL goes a day without somebody getting hit between the legs. Monday is not going to be that day as we had another incident when Colorado's Paul Stastny was penalized two minutes for slashing Cody McCormick in what appeared to be, from this angle, a rather sensitive area.

The Avalanche were already down 2-0 at that point and then took another penalty less than a minute later to give Minnesota an extended five-on-three power play.

The Wild not only failed to score, they ended up giving up a breakaway goal to Stastny as he was coming out of the penalty box to help start Colorado's comeback. A second-period goal by Nick Holden tied the game at 2-2.