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Kris Letang is back leading the rush

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This is what the Pittsburgh Penguins were missing when Kris Letang was out of the lineup.

Kris Letang made his return to the Pittsburgh Penguins lineup on Wednesday night after suffering a stroke that kept him out of the lineup for 10 weeks. It's a pretty unbelievable story, and he looked pretty good when he made this rush into the offensive zone and set up Jussi Jokinen's third period goal (with a little help from Red Wings goalie Jonas Gustavsson not knowing where the puck was).


That's the type of play the Penguins were missing when Letang was out of the lineup -- a puck-moving presence from their blue line that can jump into the play and ignite the offense. That is the dimension he brings  and nobody else on the team is capable of doing it that well. They're a different team with him (and Paul Martin) in the lineup.