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Thomas Vanek passes on a breakaway

You can't score if you don't shoot.

What was Thomas Vanek trying to accomplish on his partial breakaway attempt midway through the second period of Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals?

With an opportunity to get a shot off on Henrik Lundqvist in what was, at the time, a one-goal game, Vanek inexplicably did not shoot, got himself in way too deep, and tried to make a backwards pass to nobody in particular.

It did not go well:


Vanek is a two-time 40-goal scorer (granted, that was several years ago) and is probably going to get a lot of money from some team this summer in free agency. He kind of has to get a shot on goal there. Maybe he needs a lesson from Michael Scott.

Things only managed to get worse from there. Just 30 seconds later, Alex Galchenyuk was penalized for tripping in the neutral zone, and then Martin St. Louis scored on the ensuing power play to give the Rangers a 3-1 lead.