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Penguins tie game on crazy bounce

Evgeni Malkin didn't hit this puck with a high stick. He was too busy hitting Henrik Lundqvist's glove.

Another two-goal lead disappeared in the NHL on Friday night when Pittsburgh scored a pair of goals in the second period to tie their game with the New York Rangers.

Shortly after Lee Stempniak scored to get the Penguins on the board, James Neal scored the equalizer when his wrist shot from the slot overpowered Henrik Lundqvist and took a weird bounce into the net. The goal was initially waived off because it was believed that it was knocked in with a high stick by Evgeni Malkin. As the replay shows, Malkin never made contact with the puck.

Instead, he made contact with the glove hand of Lundqvist, which also probably should have resulted in the goal being disallowed. But interference wasn't called, it's not reviewable, and once the officials determined that Malkin never touched the puck, it was a good goal.


Bad break and bounce for the Rangers? You bet it is. But they also had one go their way in the first period. Balanced universe.

[GIF via @MyRegularFace]