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Brendan Gallagher sets up Max Pacioretty with no look pass after falling down

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Is this the best pass we've seen this postseason? Yes. Yes it is.

At least two of the goals scored in the first period of Game 5 in Montreal on Tuesday night were the result of some sloppy play from the goaltenders. The goal Max Pacioretty scored early in the second period to give the Canadiens a 3-1 lead was the result of one of the best passes you will see in the NHL playoffs this year.

Here we see Brendan Gallagher fighting his way through a check along the boards, falling to the ice, and still managing to get off a perfect no look pass to Max Pacioretty so he could score his fifth goal of the playoffs.


Montreal would add another goal late in the period from Rene Bourque to take a 4-1 lead, prompting Rangers coach Alain Vigneault to pull Henrik Lundqvist for Cam Talbot.

[GIF via @MyRegularFace]