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Tomas Plekanec called for incredible embellishment

As far as trying to draw a penalty goes, this is one of the best dives ever.

The second period in Montreal on Tuesday night was perhaps the craziest 20 minutes of hockey in the NHL this postseason.

It featured six goals on just 17 shots, 20 penalty minutes, a goalie change and the Rangers erasing a three-goal lead to tie the game at four, only to give it right back just minutes later. It also featured the rare situation where an NHL official calls somebody for embellishment and doesn't penalize anybody else.

And after watching the replay, it was the right call.

Here we see Montreal's Tomas Plekanec getting sent off for embellishment after he tried to sell a high-sticking call when the stick never actually made any contact with his face.


Not only was there no contact from the stick of Martin St. Louis, but check out how delayed it was. The Rangers ended up scoring on the ensuing power play to tie the game at four. Rene Bourque scored his second goal of the game just minutes later to regain the lead for Montreal.

[GIF via @MyRegularFace]