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Jonathan Quick stops a 2-on-0 rush

This save probably makes up for that terrible goal he gave up from behind the net.

Harry How

There was a five-minute stretch in the second period on Friday night where the Los Angeles Kings forgot how to play hockey. After giving up a Patrick Kane power play goal to the game at one, Jonathan Quick allowed Ben Smith to score from below the goal line on a weird bank shot. Then just a few minutes after that, a brutal line change by the Kings led to a 2-on-0 rush for the Blackhawks that initially looked like it ended with a shot off the crossbar.

Well, Patrick Sharp's shot did end up hitting the crossbar, but only because Quick managed to somehow get his glove on it and make the save.


That probably makes up for the bank shot. And if you're Patrick Sharp, well, those are the kind of bounces that lead to you scoring just three goals in 17 playoff games.

[GIF via @MyRegularFace]