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Todd Bertuzzi, Steve Moore reportedly reach settlement after 10 years of tumult

Todd Bertuzzi and Steve Moore have finally come to a reported settlement in civil litigation that has dragged on more than a decade.

If you're anything other than a diehard hockey fan, you might not even know that the Steve Moore-Todd Bertuzzi incident has gone a decade without being resolved. It finally might be, though, after reports that an out-of-court settlement has been reached between the former Canuck and Avalanche forwards who were forever tied together on that fateful day in March 2004.

It's been more than 10 years since the horrific on-ice incident that ended Moore's playing career, saw Bertuzzi suspended from NHL and international play until August 2005, and began a decade of ongoing litigation, both criminal and civil.

The most recent filing in Ontario Superior Court had Moore asking for $68 million in damages from Bertuzzi, who most recently was a member of the Detroit Red Wings for five seasons and is currently a free agent. Moore's camp arrived at that figure by citing potential earnings over a typical NHL career for a player of Moore's caliber plus a planned post-hockey career in the financial sector. Moore holds a degree in math from Harvard.

A start date for what was expected to be a lengthy trial was set for Sept. 8, but that appears to be off at this point. The NHL surely wants this to stay as quiet as possible, given the negative light this whole incident would (again) cast on the hockey community and the pressure a trial would have put on the ongoing discussion regarding on-ice player safety in the NHL.

Terms of the reported settlement have not been reported, and it's possible they may never come out.