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NHL's chrome fetish continues with leaked All-Star logos

The NHL likes shiny logos.

Icethetics has an apparent leak of the jersey design for the upcoming NHL All-Star Game. It's shiny.

It's unlikely this is the final jersey, as Icethetics points out, since it looks more like a practice jersey. But the logo looks ready to go, even though it appears to be nearly twice the size of a regular NHL logo. If you're thinking it might get better though, you're probably wrong. There were reports last month that the NHL could go with black and neon green All-Star jerseys along with the chrome logo. The game is in Columbus.

The NHL's obsession with chrome and metallic shades on jerseys started with the Stadium Series, but it clearly isn't going away any time soon. Get ready for the 2020 Stadium Series, Helsinki vs. Honolulu, where the teams will wear full Iron Man suits.