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NHL hate maps reveal everybody's hatred for the Boston Bruins

Everybody hates the Bruins. We knew this, but it's nice to see it on a map. Can they map Brad Marchand hate next?

Maybe you've seen the hate maps for the NFL, NBA and MLB, culled from voters on Reddit over the last few days. Now we have them for the NHL, too, and well ... yeah, everybody hates the Boston Bruins.

Nine U.S. states hate the Bruins more than any other team, while every single Canadian province is united in their hatred of the B's. That's damn impressive. (Update! The map changed! It's now all Bruins, but Vancouver in Alberta. Sounds right.) Meanwhile, North America collectively hates the Bruins more than anybody else, joining Europe, Asia and Oceania in the fun.

A few other notes:

  • What the heck did the Winnipeg Jets do to Africa? (Or was it really just that one guy's fault?)
  • The Flyers beat the Penguins in the Battle of Pennsylvania, at least according to this vote. It was dang close as you can see on that fifth slide above -- 147 votes to hate Pittsburgh, 121 votes against Philadelphia -- but that's good enough. The Penguins are the most-hated team in the state. But at least Pittsburgh presumably has the heart of West Virginia, a state united against Philly.
  • In the Battle of California, the Kings are the losers. That, of course, is because they are Stanley Cup champions and Ducks and Sharks fans teamed up on them in a fit of jealousy.
  • Ottawa being hated by the population of Wyoming might just be an issue of small sample size. Also Vancouver being hated by Alabama. But forget that. It's more fun to take it at face value. Everybody prepare for The Great Laramie-Ottawa War Of 2014.