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Minnesota Wild co-owner would rather own the Islanders

Islanders owner Charles Wang has had a lot of people involved in selling the team.

Charles Wang indicating how many people he may have been trying to sell the team to.
Charles Wang indicating how many people he may have been trying to sell the team to.
Bruce Bennett

If you thought the party to buy the New York Islanders was already crowded, according to the New York Post there's one more person looking to crash.

The Post reports Phil Falcone, a hedge fund investor and co-owner of the Minnesota Wild, is looking to dump his share in the Wild and wants to invest in the Islanders. Falcone's interest may stem from his friendship with soon-to-be Islanders owner Jon Ledecky.

All this does is add Falcone's name to a growing list of people who have been interested in buying into the team.

As you may know, Islanders owner Charles Wang has agreed to sell the team to the former Washington Capitals owner Ledecky and Scott Malkin. While they ultimately scored the winning bid, they weren't the only ones involved in the hunt.

First up was Andrew Barroway, also a hedge fund investor, and his NY ICE group. Barroway thought he had a deal done with Wang to purchase to team for $420 million.

Instead, Wang reportedly changed him mind on that number and asked for $580 million and Barroway balked at the increased price. Barroway didn't just walk away from the deal, however, he's suing Wang for $10 million.

What Barroway didn't know was there was also Peak Ridge Capital involved in talks. Peak Ridge would've bought the team for $508 million, exceeding Barroway's bid, and helping set the table for Ledecky and Malkin to eventually win the race.

Hey, at least Wang wasn't kidding when he reportedly told Barroway he had other suitors willing to pay big bucks.