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The Flyers replaced their 'Ice Girls' with 'Ice Guys' and Philly fans booed

A tale of two cities:

In San Jose, the Sharks altered the uniform for their "Ice Crew" this offseason -- the girls now in skimpy outfits, while the guys remained in the standard track suits. The move prompted literal protest and true outrage among Sharks fans who feel the uniforms serve no purpose but to objectify women.

In Philadelphia, the Flyers used to have Ice Girls of the near-naked variety, but this offseason completely got rid of them. Let's just say the response has been the opposite of San Jose. The Flyers still have an Ice Crew, which they debuted Monday night at the team's first preseason game, but there are no women -- scantily clad or otherwise.

The fans, as you see/hear above, don't seem to like the change.

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