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Stephane Quintal named NHL's senior VP of player safety

Former NHL defenseman Stephane Quintal will be the league's new disciplinarian after serving under Brendan Shanahan since the 2011 season.

With Brendan Shanahan now running things in the Toronto Maple Leafs front office, the NHL needed to appoint a replacement for his former role of vice president of player safety.

On Monday, the league announced that it will be Stephane Quintal, one of the first members appointed by Shanahan to the department of player safety when it was formed prior to the 2011-12 season.

Quintal had been in the position on an interim basis since mid-April when Shanahan left the league offices to join the Maple Leafs.

"Stephane Quintal has been dedicated to the mission of the Department of Player Safety since its creation for the opening of the 2011-12 season and has demonstrated over the last several months that he is uniquely suited to lead the department going forward," said commissioner Gary Bettman in a statement released by the league.

"Brendan Shanahan established and built a highly-functioning and well-run department in his three years at its helm. Among his most important decisions was hiring Stephane Quintal to be part of his supervisory team.  Tasked with running the department last spring during the most intensely-competitive and closely-scrutinized part of our season – the final regular-season weekend and the entire Stanley Cup Playoffs – Stephane proved that he clearly was up to the challenge. I am confident that he is the right man for the job."

During his interim role, which lasted through the entire Stanley Cup playoffs, Quintal issued seven suspensions, including a seven-game suspension to Matt Cooke for his hit on Tyson Barrie in the first round of the playoffs, and a two-game suspension for Chicago's Brent Seabrook for a hit on David Backes.

Quintal spent 16 seasons in the NHL as a defenseman, appearing in 1,037 games for the Montreal Canadiens, Boston Bruins, St. Louis Blues, Phoenix Coyotes, Chicago Blackhawks and New York Rangers. He last played during the 2003-04 season.