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Here's where Las Vegas thinks your NHL team will finish this year

Bovada oddsmakers say the Boston Bruins will finish atop the NHL. The Sabres will be at the bottom, of course.

Ethan Miller

With just a month to go before the 2014-15 NHL season kicks off on Oct. 8, the Las Vegas oddsmakers are setting their lines on just how many points each team will earn in the standings this year.

Via Bovada, here's the full list of odds for point totals this coming season. They're all listed as over-unders. They have the Boston Bruins finishing first in the NHL and the Buffalo Sabres in last place.

  1. Boston Bruins: 112½
  2. Chicago Blackhawks: 111½
  3. Los Angeles Kings: 106½
  4. Anaheim Ducks: 105½
  5. Pittsburgh Penguins: 105½
  6. St. Louis Blues: 105½
  7. San Jose Sharks: 102½
  8. Colorado Avalanche: 98½
  9. Minnesota Wild: 98½
  10. New York Rangers: 95½
  11. Tampa Bay Lightning: 94½
  12. Montreal Canadiens: 93½
  13. Detroit Red Wings: 91½
  14. Columbus Blue Jackets: 90½
  15. Philadelphia Flyers: 90½
  16. Dallas Stars: 89½
  17. Toronto Maple Leafs: 88½
  18. Vancouver Canucks: 88½
  19. Washington Capitals: 88½
  20. New Jersey Devils: 83½
  21. Carolina Hurricanes: 81½
  22. New York Islanders:  81½
  23. Arizona Coyotes: 80½
  24. Edmonton Oilers: 80½
  25. Winnipeg Jets: 80½
  26. Ottawa Senators: 78½
  27. Nashville Predators: 76½
  28. Calgary Flames: 71½
  29. Florida Panthers: 70½
  30. Buffalo Sabres: 65½

If these lines are accurate with what actually happens, the Eastern Conference playoff picture would look like this in Round 1 of the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs..

Boston (1st in Atlantic) vs. Philadelphia (2nd Wild Card)
Pittsburgh (1st in Metropolitan) vs. Detroit (1st Wild Card)
Tampa Bay (2nd in Atlantic) vs. Montreal (3rd in Atlantic)
NY Rangers (2nd in Metropolitan) vs. Columbus (3rd in Metropolitan)

And the Western Conference...

Chicago (1st in Central) vs. Dallas (2nd Wild Card)
Los Angeles (1st in Pacific) vs. Minnesota (1st Wild Card)
Anaheim (2nd in Pacific) vs. San Jose (3rd in Pacific)
St. Louis (2nd in Central) vs. Colorado (3rd in Central)

You'll notice it all looks pretty similar to last year. We'd get the same 16 playoff teams as we did last year, and almost all of them would finish with roughly the same seeding as they did a year ago.

See any easy bets?